NAPLES, FL (January 31, 2020) – Gulfshore Homes, an award-winning builder that has elevated the luxury home market over the last 20 years in SW Florida, is pleased to announce that eight of its employees successfully completed the Florida Stormwater Inspector Training Program. These employees are now certified by the State of Florida to evaluate and implement best management practices in an effort to minimize erosion and sedimentation, and properly manage stormwater runoff before, during, and after the new home building process. As growth continues to impact and threaten Florida’s natural resources, this special certification arms Gulfshore Homes employees with knowledge of Florida’s most-current stormwater regulations.

According to the FDEP, graduates of the certification program will be able to ensure homeowners:

  • That the desired benefits of stormwater management systems are being achieved.
  • That both the public and private sectors have enough inspectors trained in the proper installation and maintenance of best management practices during and after construction.
  • A consistent level of technical expertise and professional conduct for all individuals responsible for inspecting erosion and sediment controls and stormwater management systems.

The Florida DEP’s annual stormwater inspector training program is limited to 25 attendees per course and entailed hours of in-depth study using a 276-page course manual. The topics ranged from soil mass erosion, sediment controls near aquatic environments, to how certain vegetation can reduce runoff velocity and increase filtration. The team also had to pass several testing modules.

President of Gulfshore Homes Steve Watt knows inspector-level training for their on-site build team members is not mandatory but says it’s one of the key reasons the company boasts a reputation for having a high level of quality control practices on its jobsites.

“We invest in all types of employee training because business doesn’t happen in a vacuum,” said Watt. “Things tend to change quickly in SW Florida, and because it takes at least a year to build a large luxury custom home – we want to be as prepared as possible to anticipate everything from spikes in materials costs and new code requirements to emerging environmental issues like the recent algae blooms. Beyond having great talent, our clients hire us because they never want to hear ‘I don’t know’ from their builder.”

Before construction begins, a member of Gulfshore Homes’ team can now reduce the workload of county inspectors by providing them with necessary pre-build data reports such as a description of the soils and an estimate of the size of the drainage area for each discharge point; the latitude and longitude of each discharge point and the name of the receiving water for each discharge point; and a site map indicating drainage patterns and slopes, areas of soil disturbance, undisturbed areas, locations of BMPs, stabilization areas, surface waters/wetlands, and discharge points.

“Our commitment to quality includes anticipating and understanding county code changes,” said Watt. “We know protecting Florida’s natural resources is important to our clients, and this certification allows us to control and minimize their homes potentially harmful erosion and pollutant runoff.”

According to Gulfshore Homes’ Director of Construction Matt Shull, inspector-level certifications reduce potential code and permit obstacles that often plague other area job sites. “When you know the answer because you took the time to attend a class to gain the knowledge, then you’re not sitting around the jobsite for hours losing the client money and waiting for someone to show up with the answer.”

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