Home Renovations

Let us transform your home magnificently.

Like beloved members of our family, we establish profound bonds to our homes and even the locations where they stand. Perhaps you have considered moving or building a new home that better fits your lifestyle with more contemporary design elements, but secretly wish it could be built exactly where you live now. If you have those thoughts, then a renovation, either limited or comprehensive, is the right choice for you.

We can transform one or more rooms, such as the kitchen and baths, to reflect the latest trends and systems advances, or reimagine your entire home, complete with structural additions and entirely new outdoor living spaces. However extensive your renovation is, Gulfshore Homes promises the same standard-setting caliber of artisanship and uncompromising quality that epitomize our newly constructed custom homes.

Before and After Examples

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bathbefore Gulfshore Homes
bathafter Gulfshore Homes

Master Bathroom

diningbefore Gulfshore Homes
diningafter Gulfshore Homes

Dining Room

greatroombefore Gulfshore Homes
greatroomafetr Gulfshore Homes

Great Room – Kitchen

frontbefore Gulfshore Homes
frontafter Gulfshore Homes

Front Elevation

masterbedbefore Gulfshore Homes
masterbedafter Gulfshore Homes

Master Bedroom

guestroombefore Gulfshore Homes
guestroomafter Gulfshore Homes

Guest Room

poolbefore Gulfshore Homes
poolafter Gulfshore Homes


kitchenbefore Gulfshore Homes
kitchenafter Gulfshore Homes


greatroomentrybefore Gulfshore Homes
greatroomentryafter Gulfshore Homes

Great Room – Front Entry

powderbathbefore Gulfshore Homes
powderbathafter Gulfshore Homes

Powder Bathroom

before Gulfshore Homes
after Gulfshore Homes

Front Elevation

Make a Major Impact.

Think of renovation as rejuvenation.

Our team will work with you to ensure that your transformed living space effortlessly accommodates your family’s lifestyle and taste, aesthetic preferences and day-to-day practicality. Nothing is ever taken for granted—every detail receives generous attention. For example, removing a wall, changing the silhouettes of entryways, and installing sculpted ceilings with new fixtures all generate enhanced visual dynamics and can change the mood and personality of your entire home.

renovationimage Gulfshore Homes