January 23, 2023

Meet Denise Jones:

Your Go-To Building Expert





New Construction

If you’re looking to build or renovate a home, then you need someone with experience and expertise in the building industry. Look no further than Denise! With over 35 years of experience in the building industry, she works as a project manager with Gulfshore Homes. Her strong background in real estate, construction, and customer service makes her the go-to expert to help you get your dream home built or renovated. Let’s get to know Denise better!

A little bit about her

Denise has been a certified licensed Florida building contractor since 1988 and licensed Florida estate broker since 1984, so she knows firsthand what it takes to build exceptional homes and provide customer satisfaction. Moving from Clearwater to the Southwest Florida area in 1987, Denise was able to develop close relationships with clients who came to her for luxury home builds. She has experience and insights into what customers demand in terms of quality and therefore works hard to ensure that Gulfshore Homes doesn’t just meet but exceeds those expectations. Denise’s ability to deliver on the promise of client-tailored high-quality workmanship is nothing short of exceptional, earning her credibility, trust, and a reputation of excellence within the community.


In her spare time, she loves spending time with her two sons Evan and Alec, and daughter-in-law, Sydney, playing with her grandson Maverick and walking her two papillons Taz and Tux. With both of her sons residing locally too, it allows her to enjoy quality family moments.

What sets Denise apart?

Her ability to relate and empathize with clients is unparalleled. She can put herself in their shoes, so she can see all points of view with the goal of ensuring the best outcome. Not only that, but Denise is also an excellent team player; she enjoys meeting with clients and working alongside everyone at Gulfshore Homes. She states, “Everyone [at Gulfshore Homes] is friendly, real, and fun– making workdays a joy!” She goes on to say, “Matt is especially generous with his knowledge; he shares so much about the business.”

Denise also brings something extra special to the table as a highly experienced real estate broker and a certified licensed Florida building contractor. When it comes to renovations or new builds, Denise knows exactly what needs to be done from start to finish. In addition, her vast knowledge in sales ensures that any client’s wishes are met in full compliance with regulations; she will go above and beyond for each person she meets.

When it comes to building projects, Denise is one of the best! She has decades of experience which gives her an edge when navigating through complex projects; her warm personality naturally puts clients at ease and makes the building process an enjoyable experience. So, whether you’re looking for someone who can navigate through regulations or just wants someone trustworthy on your side – Denise is your go-to building expert! ​


A Licensed Builder Member of Local, State, and National Professional Organizations

Gulfshore Interior Design
Architectural Land Design, Inc.
Collins Dupont Design Group
Design West
Freestyle Interiors
Hole Montes
Johnson Engineering
Kukk Architecture & Design, P.A.
New Architectura, Inc.
Soco Interiors
Stofft Cooney Architects
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