April 17th, 2023

Meet Kevin Biada: 

The Local Floridian Who Will Transform Your

Luxury Home Renovation





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Maria Casanova-Richards
Kevin Biada- Project Manager

When it comes to building and renovating luxury homes, you need someone who not only has the experience but also the passion to bring your vision to life. Meet Kevin, a project manager for Gulfshore Homes. Kevin is a talented building construction graduate from the prestigious University of Florida, who has been in the industry for almost a quarter-century. Throughout his career, Kevin has been transforming homes into stunning works of art and leaving a trail of satisfied customers behind. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Kevin’s journey and how he has helped countless homeowners build or renovate their dream homes.

Kevin’s love for renovations stems from the fact that every job is entirely unique and presents its own set of challenges. He revels in finding solutions and ensuring that the outcome of every project is rewarding. With almost 24 years in the industry, Kevin has an unrivaled skillset and experience level. He understands that every client has different needs and requirements, and works closely with them to ensure that their vision comes to life. With Kevin, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a custom-tailored solution for each unique renovation.

Started from the Bottom

One thing that sets Kevin apart is his willingness to start at the bottom and learn every aspect of the job. After college, he could have easily taken the highest-paying offer, but instead opted for the lowest-paying one. His rationale was that by starting at the bottom, he would gain invaluable knowledge and experience in every aspect of the industry. This approach has paid off, as Kevin has honed his skills over the years and become a true master of his craft.

Committed to the Craft

Another significant advantage that Kevin brings to the table is his certified Florida builder license. This license signifies that Kevin has met the high standards for obtaining the permit and continues to stay up to date with the latest industry information. Having licensure is crucial when working on luxury home renovations, and Kevin’s license serves as a testament to his expertise and professionalism.

When it comes to luxury home renovations, Kevin is the go-to guy. He has an honest and trustworthy approach, always putting his client’s needs first. He understands that undertaking a home renovation or build is a significant investment and will work tirelessly to ensure that his clients are thrilled with the final result. Kevin’s wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable, ensuring that the project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Why Gulfshore Homes?

Kevin recognizes that there are countless home builders to choose from, but believes for those seeking a truly exceptional experience, Gulfshore Homes is the clear choice. As Kevin explained, the company culture at Gulfshore Homes is nothing short of phenomenal. “When you work with this team, you can expect an unwavering commitment to teamwork and a willingness to go above and beyond for every project,” he goes on to say. “It’s not just about constructing a beautiful home; it’s about creating a collaborative, enjoyable process that ends with a finished product you can be proud of.”

In conclusion, Kevin is a project manager with a passion for transforming homes into stunning works of art. With almost 24 years of experience in the industry and a builder license, there is no one better suited to take on your luxury home renovation. Kevin’s unique approach ensures that each job is custom-tailored to the client’s needs, and his love for the job ensures that he never gets bored. If you’re looking for a professional, knowledgeable, and experienced contractor for your luxury home renovation or build, look no further than Kevin. You won’t be disappointed!

A Licensed Builder Member of Local, State, and National Professional Organizations

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