February 27, 2023

Meet Maria Casanova-Richards:

A Home Renovation Expert





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Maria Casanova-Richards, Project Manager- Gulfshore Homes
Maria casanova-richards – Project Manager

We would like to introduce you to Maria, a project manager and home renovation expert for Gulfshore Homes. She has been in the building industry for almost 10 years, starting in natural stone and eventually moving into home renovation. With her bilingual skills, hands-on approach, and passionate advocacy for her clients, it is no wonder why she is lauded in the industry! Let’s take a look at what makes Maria such an impressive figure.

A Multifaceted Background

Born in Cuba and raised in Connecticut, Maria has called SWFL home for the past 26 years. Her passion lies in transforming spaces into luxurious living environments through her expertise as a renovation specialist. With an understanding that renovations are hard work across multiple aspects of planning and implementation, she is committed to making sure homeowners remain involved throughout each step while taking on all weight of the process herself.

Her Passion for Home Renovations

Maria loves seeing how things progress when renovating a home—from watching all the components fall into place to making sure that her clients get exactly what they expect out of their hard-earned money. She finds joy in advocating for her customers and helping them create their dream space by offering honest advice and trustworthy guidance throughout the process.

An Organizational Dynamo

Maria is an organized powerhouse and it’s no wonder everything on her projects is so organized. She makes daily lists, identifies and prioritizes objectives, and never leaves anything to chance. She stays in constant communication with clients to keep them up-to-date and informed, which speaks volumes about her professionalism as well as her commitment to trustworthiness. You can count on Maria’s organized mind, stellar communication skills, and thoughtful follow-through every time. An organized lifestyle with Maria at the helm is a truly luxurious one

Why is it Gulfshore Homes for Maria?

Maria knows that company culture and dedication to quality are what set Gulfshore Homes above the rest. Every team member takes their job seriously, ensuring the highest quality product for their customers each time. Whether you’re looking for renovations or new home construction, the company offers excellence from start to finish, so clients can have faith in the expert work they receive. With a professional yet friendly staff, a luxury home starts with trust in Gulfshore Homes!


Maria has proven herself time and time again as one of Gulfshore Homes’ most reliable home renovation experts. With her multifaceted background, hands-on approach, and passion for helping others turn their visions into reality, it is no surprise why so many people trust her with their projects! If you are looking for someone who will be there with you from start to finish while providing honest advice, look no further than Maria!  You can rest assured that your project will be done correctly with the highest quality craftsmanship that meets your expectations. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to work with Maria!


A Licensed Builder Member of Local, State, and National Professional Organizations

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