February 13, 2023

Meet Melissa Martin:

A True Master of Construction





New Construction

Meet Melissa Martin, Gulfshore Homes’ executive project manager who has been in the construction industry for over 26 years. As a native of Southwest Florida, she was recruited by a local contractor when she was only 17 years old, based on a recommendation from one of her teachers. With an accounting background and a knack for contracts, she quickly grew in skill and knowledge and is now the executive project manager for Gulfshore Homes. Read on to find out how she brings her exceptional knowledge and expertise to each project she oversees.

Defining “Exceptional”

With an impeccable work ethic and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Melissa exemplifies the meaning of “exceptional” at Gulfshore Homes. As executive project manager, she personally works with each client before they are assigned to one of our expertly trained project managers – providing support in every phase from initial meetings through completion. Whatever unique requirements clients may have, her dedication guarantees that every end product leaves them happy and satisfied.

The Art of It All

From a young age, Melissa had an affinity for the art of construction. Assisting her dad as he built various projects around their home, she felt a distinct satisfaction from seeing him proud of his work. With that same joy she continues to build tangible creations today; be it luxurious homes or renovations on existing structures–nothing quite beats witnessing the culmination after months spent devotedly crafting something new and beautiful.

What She Brings to the Table

Melissa stands out from others in the industry with her remarkable ability to adjust and accommodate, even when unexpected obstacles arise. She is meticulous in her planning, therefore she pivots with ease when plans shift. Every client is provided with personalized care as she strives for excellence, going the extra mile to ensure that every need and expectation of their home or renovation project is satisfied and surpassed!


When you work with Gulfshore Homes you get more than just quality craftsmanship and labor – you get an experienced executive project manager who understands your vision and makes it come alive. With over 26 years in the business, there is no job too big or small for Melissa; if you want your dream home built or renovated with exceptional results then look no further! Contact Gulfshore Homes today to learn more about how we can help you with your next home or renovation project.

A Licensed Builder Member of Local, State, and National Professional Organizations

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