June 12th, 2023

Meet Simon Johns: 

A Jack of All Trades in the Building Industry





New Construction

Simon Johns - Gulfshore Homes - Luxury Home Builder
Simon Johns – Superintendent

Building or renovating a luxury home can be both exciting and daunting. You may have several ideas in mind, but you need someone who can turn those ideas into reality. That’s where Simon Johns comes in. Simon has been in the Florida building industry since 2014 and has a background in various trades such as electrician work, cabinetry installation, landscaping, and masonry. Simon is a man of many talents, and in this blog post, we will get to know him and learn why he is an excellent choice for building or renovating your luxury home.

Truly A Jack of All Trades

Simon Johns started his career in the building industry in 2014. He is a jack of all trades, and he loves taking a home from concept to completion and making people’s dreams come true. Simon says he gets a rush from taking a blank piece of land and turning it into a luxurious home. With his many years in the industry, Simon has seen a lot of interesting architectural features and design solutions. When a curiosity or need arises, Simon is able to suggest unique ideas and solutions he has seen throughout his career, and he’s always learning. He believes in being efficient, and his meticulous nature ensures order in everything he does.


A Veteran of His Craft

Simon’s seven years of experience in the US Navy brought a disciplined and detailed approach to his work. He ensures everything is done with precision, and at this point in his career, you can almost set a clock to his home-building schedules. The military taught him to be efficient and reliable, and that mindset is evident in the way he works. Simon is always learning and exploring ideas to improve his craft. He says that the continuing innovations and education offered in the building industry is what he enjoys the most. He is a lover of knowledge who believes that there are at least fifteen ways to do the same thing – he finds it fascinating and challenging.

One of the Family

Simon’s admiration for Gulfshore Homes stems from the family-oriented team atmosphere. He loves it when the team is like a family, where everyone is willing to lend a helping hand in any way they can. Simon says that Scott Clere, the GH Executive Superintended of New Construction, has a nice way of managing his personality and is an incredible leader for his team. At Gulfshore Homes, team members become a part of the family, where Matthew Shull is the patriarch in the GH family, and the closeness they share is not easy to find in many work environments. Gulfshore Homes treat their clients like family as well, which means unparalleled care is given to each project.

In conclusion, Simon is a skilled man you can trust to make your building or renovation dreams come true. He brings years of experience, a disciplined approach, and the ability to implement unique ideas to your project. Simon’s attention to detail and efficiency ensure that everything will be done to the client’s satisfaction. When working with Gulfshore Homes, you can feel confident knowing that Simon will be part of the family-oriented team that cares about your luxury home experience. Let Simon and Gulfshore Homes transform your blank canvas into the luxurious masterpiece you’ve always wanted.

A Licensed Builder Member of Local, State, and National Professional Organizations

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