Old Naples, Florida Custom Villa Builder

4 Hot Trends for Old Naples Custom Villa Builders

Looking to make a splash with customers and impress them with your attention to detail? Here are four trends that are hot in the upscale home market and are sure-fire ways to distance yourself from the competition.

Smart Homes

The integration of Wi-Fi and tablet technology into home management has changed the way wealthy homeowners interact with their homes. A range of functions can be controlled from app-enabled smart devices, including lighting, home entertainment, climate controls, and security or monitoring devices. Offering this to customers may snag the most technologically progressive homeowners and help others make the leap to current equipment.

Re-Imagined Outdoor Spaces

Traditional thinking by Old Naples custom villa builders often focused on indoor amenities, relegating outdoor areas to uninspired extended decks. Recent trends have seen an increased interest in building out the functionality of these spaces for entertainment, relaxation, and even food production.  Elaborate fire pits and fireplaces have become a favorite gathering place, and many have taken to crafting artisanal foods in wood-burning bread and pizza ovens. Upscale outdoor kitchens are also on the rise.

Putting the “Custom” in Old Naples Custom Villa Building

Stark is out. Bold is in.

To create looks that truly embody a personalized approach to home design, many homeowners are opting to incorporate unique elements, inside and out. Rich, velvety colors are popular now and complement emerging design palettes. Architectural elements are also on the rise, whether Mediterranean, Continental, or British.

Ecologically-Friendly and Healthy Homes

Old Naples Custom villa designers are increasingly sensitive to the ways in which we interact with the environment. This has manifested itself in two specific ways: homes designed to leave less of a footprint on the environment, and homes that are constructed of health-promoting materials. The former implement both traditional and engineered products that minimize the impact of home construction on the surrounding area. The latter are constructed of materials that have been shown to minimize any negative impact on the health of humans or pets.


Keeping abreast of these quickly rising trends can mean more business and more satisfied customers. Don’t get left behind: team up with a Old Naples custom villa builder in your area who can take advantage of the most modern techniques, styles, and materials.