January 30, 2023


Scott Clere, Your New Home Construction

Project’s Best Friend





New Construction

Gulfshore Homes Team Portraits - Scott Clere - Executive General Superintendent for New Home Construction

Scott Clere- Executive General Superintendent

Scott Clere has been in the building industry for over three decades. A Pennsylvania native, Scott had an instant connection with Southwest Florida when he and his wife honeymooned here in the 1990s, leading him to make it their new home. He works with Gulfshore Homes as an executive general superintendent and has been involved in residential construction since high school, having started out in carpentry and eventually going on to earn his Certified Florida building contractor license. His technical knowledge makes him an asset when it comes to constructing exceptional homes but read on to learn more about why Scott is an invaluable addition to any Gulfshore Homes new construction project.

Scott’s Creative Outlet

Scott finds residential construction to be a creative outlet for himself as it allows him to “turn their [clients’] vision into reality”. He enjoys being able to pull together a vision for homeowners and having the opportunity to bring their ideas to fruition. This passion for creating something out of nothing is what drives Scott each day and keeps him motivated throughout the construction process.



Calm Under Pressure

The construction process can be overwhelming for anyone involved, which is why having someone like Scott in charge can make all the difference. His ability to remain calm and collected under pressure makes it easier for clients to trust him and share pertinent information with him so that he can ensure their expectations are met. Moreover, this allows him to manage subcontractors from a craftsman standpoint rather than just an observer’s viewpoint. It also helps keep everyone on task by staying focused on getting things done efficiently while still upholding the highest quality standards throughout the entire process.

Technical Know-How

Scott has an extensive background in the building trades and hands-on experience that allows him to understand complex aspects of residential construction such as engineering principles and design concepts that are essential when producing quality results. Simply put, his technical know-how gives him an edge when dealing with complex projects that require intricate details or difficult calculations that require experience or expertise beyond what most people have access to.

Why Gulfshore Homes?

Scott truly believes what sets Gulfshore Homes apart from other Florida luxury home builders is their knowledge base when it comes to every detail of home building and customized client experiences. “The management here is an incredible wealth of knowledge. We know every part and piece that goes into a home.” Scott goes on to say, “Gulfshore Homes produces luxury homes of remarkable craftsmanship paired with an unwavering personal touch throughout the entire process – from the beginning stages of new construction all the way through to final warranty, giving each homeowner an unparalleled experience.”

Scott Clere brings something unique and special to the table when it comes to luxury residential construction projects—his combination of knowledge, skill, and levelheaded presence allows clients to feel confident that their projects will be completed with top-quality workmanship every step of the way. A true asset to Gulfshore Homes, he is ready to help you take on your next new construction project!

A Licensed Builder Member of Local, State, and National Professional Organizations

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